Die Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie

Tyrolean JagaTee

The popular Tyrolean Alps original!

The history of Jagatee

Jagatea – also called “Jägertee” (Hunters’ Tea) or “Jagertee” – is a typical Tyrolean specialty and was originally enjoyed in the 19th century in the Tyrolean mountains by forest workers, hunters and foresters.

Jagertee is a hot drink and is made from black tea, herbal extracts, fruit schnapps and domestic Inländer rum.

Today “Jagatee” is, according to EU Directive, a product with a protected geographical indication and with the designation that is only permitted for Jagatee produced in Austria.

This makes the “Original Tyrolean Jagatee” of Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie so incomparably powerful and good!

  • We still make the tea extract ourselves based on ancient knowledge.
  • Selected kinds of black tea with lots of herbs, roots and seeds are set in fine alcohol, tenderly macerated over many months and matured.
  • Our Jagatee is refined only with the best fruit distillate and original Inländer rum,
  • sweetened with natural honey and grape sugar,
  • meticulously mixed and filled up with care.
  • At Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie, we add no wine to the Jagertee!

Prepare Tyrolean Jagatee properly and enjoy it!

Our Hunter’s Tea recipe: Jagertea tastes best with 3 or 4 parts hot water, 1 part Jagatee concentrate and refined according to taste with freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice.

“Important!” Jagatee must never boil – otherwise all the precious aromas and herbal substances are lost!

Special tips

The original Jagatee from Tyrol is delightful in winter we well as in summer!

In the winter, after a delightful day of skiing on Tyrol’s skiing slopes: Jagatea instead of mulled wine or punch – the perfect way to kindle your après-ski fun!

And the special treat for the summer: Jagatee served ice cold – tastes delicious and is very refreshing! The Tyrolean alternative to sangria!